Here is a gyrocopter that was built by Bill Hammond. Bill flew helicopters in Vietnam and has a passion for building gyrocopters.  It was a fun project to work on and he brought the finished project by for us to see. We really like customers bringing back projects or photos […]

Looking New Again

Do you have patio furniture or rims that has the paint peeling off? Maybe some handrails that are not as glossy as they use to be? Whatever you have, bring it to us and we can make it look new again. We will remove all the old paint with one […]

Still Going Strong!!!

We have expanded so much in the past few years, and are expecting more growth! We now have plans to add liquid paint to our operation and talked about an additional batch operation in the near future.  The growth of the propane tanks and the bridge railing, along with all […]

Happy Labor Day, say hi to our Employees!

It’s August.  It’s HOT.  But around here, we’re full of smiles! “Why?”, you ask.  Because it’s Labor Day weekend!!  In celebration of this thoroughly American holiday, and in recognition of all the hard work our staff does all year ’round, we’re inviting you to take a behind-the-scenes peek at what […]

Pride In Our Work

Here at Americana Powder Finishing we pride ourselves in the ability to powder coat almost anything. We will take on projects  other powder coaters will turned down. That is what makes us different from the rest. We work with our customers and powder vendors to develop processes and powders to […]