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Horse Trailer Project

This horse trailer has been retired from the horse farm and will be repaired and repainted for it’s future use as a tool and supply trailer for the Salem Foundation. This trailer was in rough shape there were holes and rips in the aluminum skin that we had to weld […]

Steps & Platforms

We do a lot of steps and platforms for a local company. The first thing we do when we get the parts is send them to our blasting department to remove any mill scale and loose debris that may be on them. Once they have been blasted they are ready […]


These rims came in looking pretty rough. The customer just wanted us to blast and powder coat speedboat aluminum III. There was no extra work done to smooth them out and as you can see the rims look alot better but are not perfect.      

Walkway Bridge

This is a walkway bridge going over a lake. We are going to blast to near white steel. Then apply IFS Coatings zinc rich primer as a base coat before applying their semi-gloss black for the top coat. Each section of the walkway is 5’x5’x38 long. This will be two […]

Business As Usual

We have the best crew in the powder coating business. They work crazy hours to make sure our customers are happy. We are getting to the point we may need to add a second shift on our batch operation just to keep up As you can see we will powder […]