Jarco’s New Factory Ground Breaking

Americana would like to welcome Jarco to the Salem Industrial Park. We are excited that Jarco has decided to consolidate and expand right here in Salem. Americana Powder Finishing and Jarco have developed a great working relationship. Ten years ago they asked us to help coat small brackets for their propane delivery trucks. After we installed one of the North America’s largest powder coating ovens they approached us about powder coating an entire delivery truck tank. They wanted a premium finish that could withstand delivering propane across the back roads of America. Our team rose to the challenge and figured out how we could do that. A year later they came to us with another challenge. Could we coat their new 48’ long 18,000lb propane transport tankers? Again our team rose to the challenge and successfully powder coated a transport the very first time. These transports are possibly the largest items to be powder coated in the world and it is done right here in Salem.

Late last fall they indicated they had attracted considerable interest in these transport tankers and need to possibly produce up to 2 to 3 per week. Americana responded by quickly investing almost $1 million in personnel, new equipment and building expansion. We took a chance and as you can see in some of the photos below our new expansion included doors facing directly towards the location of the new Jarco facility ready to move tanks between our two buildings.

Again we would like to welcome Jarco to the Salem Industrial Park and looking forward to our continued partnership.

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