Steps & Platforms

We do a lot of steps and platforms for a local company. The first thing we do when we get the parts is send them to our blasting department to remove any mill scale and loose debris that may be on them. Once they have been blasted they are ready to move over to our batch operation. In the batch operation our guys will take the steps to our wash bay. There they will use a heated spray wand to apply a iron phosphate cleaner to remove any oils and blasting dust that may still be on the parts. Once the steps are cleaned they are then put into our large batch oven to dry and pre-heat at the same time to 300 degrees. After the parts have had time to dry and heat up they are then pulled into our powder booth where the steps are sprayed hot with safety yellow powder coat. This gives us a powder coat thickness of around 5 to 10 mils in one pass. It’s a nice thick coating and the parts look great. Now that the steps are powder coated they are put back into the batch oven to cure at the specified temp from the powder coat manufacturer. After they have reached the desired temp the steps are pulled out to cool off before being sent to our liquid dept.  This is where they will apply the Scorpion Bed Liner to the steps and platforms. They will mask off any areas where the bed liner is not needed to avoid getting any material on those areas. After the masking is done they will then sand the powder coat areas where the bed liner will be applied. This process helps with the adhesion of the bed liner to the powder coated surface. When the sanding is all done the parts are blown off with air and then wiped down to remove any loose dust debris from the steps. With the part sanded and fully cleaned then the bed liner is applied with spray guns and left in our heated paint booth to cure. The steps will be left in the booth based on the bed liner’s cure time from the manufacturer. The steps are then unmasked and ready for the customer to pick up.


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