Truck Bed

Here is another truck bed we completed. It was blasted to a metal finish to remove any scale or debris. Once it was ready for powder coating, it was moved to our wash bay where it was cleaned with our spray wand process. We used an iron phosphate/detergent chemical to clean it,  after the blasting process. This removes any debris and applies a phosphate coating. Then it was off to our 55 1/2′ batch oven where it was be dried and heated up to about 300 degrees. Then it was pulled into the powder booth to apply the zinc rich primer base coat. The zinc primer is a rust inhibitor. After the primer base coat has had time to gel in the oven then we applied the ultra black matte top coat. The top coat is a mini texture in a flat gloss. Our team did a great job on this project and the customer was very happy.

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