Bathtub Fun

Here is a very creative way to re-purpose an old bathtub. This old bathtub is being converted into a reading nook. Projects like this make our job so fun to do. We always look forward to see what the next crazy project will walk through our doors.  

Truck Bed

Here is another truck bed we completed. It was blasted to a metal finish to remove any scale or debris. Once it was ready for powder coating, it was moved to our wash bay where it was cleaned with our spray wand process. We used an iron phosphate/detergent chemical to […]

The 34th Annual Home Show

Come see us at the home show this weekend. We will be happy to answer any questions you have about powder or liquid coatings and provide quotes. We hope to see you there. 2018 Home, Community & Ag Expo

Race Car and Dragster Frames

Now is the time to get you race car frames powder coated before the new reason starts. There are several colors to choose from. If the frame needs blasted and cleaned up we can do that here. Here at Americana we can powder coat all kinds of products from small […]

Batch Line Expansion

Just when you think your 50′ oven is big enough, you have a customer that needs something 53′ long powder coated. So we have expanded our batch oven from 50′ to 55 1/2′ to allow us to do just that. This project took us 1 1/2 days to complete. Our […]

Americana’s Liquid Booth is Operational

We are finally ready to spray in our liquid booth. It took a little longer than expected but thanks to our great crew they were able to push through and get the job done. We have the capability to spray some big parts. Our spray booth is 18′ high by […]

Our liquid booth is underway.

We have started the construction of our new liquid paint booth. The booth will be 20′ x 18′ x 60′ and the door opening will be 16′ x 18′. We will be able to do big projects as well as small ones. If the weather cooperates we should be up […]

New Logo

Here is our new logo and new sign.


Here is a gyrocopter that was built by Bill Hammond. Bill flew helicopters in Vietnam and has a passion for building gyrocopters.  It was a fun project to work on and he brought the finished project by for us to see. We really like customers bringing back projects or photos […]